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Letter of Authorization

Thank you for choosing VoIP Tel, LP or its underlying service providers for your Telephone Number/Direct Inbound Dial (DID) service provider. Our number portability allows you to keep your current number while changing your service provider. Your current service provider requires this Letter of Authorization (LOA) as proof that you have explicitly authorized and requested that your current telephone number be transferred to VoIP Tel, LP. By completing the needed information and signing this letter, you authorize us to initiate the process of transferring your telephone number(s). Please note that even the slightest error or omission on this LOA can be used by your current carrier to delay or reject your number port request. Please fill in the required information below regarding your account with your current service provider. Any mismatched information may cause the request to be rejected and/or delay the porting process.

Current Carrier/Service Provider:
Note: A separate LOA may be required for each individual Service Provider
Account Name:
Company Name:
Note: That all TN's listed below must be associated with this Company Name
Service Address:
Office/Suite No:
Billing Address:
Office/Suite No:
Requested Port Date:
 Minimum of 10 working days are required
Terms, Limitations & Usages of Requested Services

1. This LOA is for Voice Services only and we will only be Porting your Voice lines.
2. We will not change or alter your existing Internet Services.
3. We are not working on your Data connections (DSL, Cable Internet etc) and it’s Customer’s responsibility to maintain an acceptable bandwidth/Data Connection for VoIP Services to work.
4. This VoIP service will only support *Voice* application and will not support Fax, security alarms, ATM Machines, Credit Card machines etc or any such other devices or services which requires Analog line dialer or modem.
5. Separate Fax to Email, Dedicated Fax or Internet services are available at additional cost, please inquire.
6. Customer agrees to standard 2 year Service Term.

By signing below, I agree and understand the terms, limitations and usages of requested services from VoIP Tel, LP and I verify that I am, or represent a business with the above-named local service provider, authorized to change the primary carrier(s) for the telephone number(s) listed. I understand that I am authorizing changes of my primary carrier services, and that I may select only one primary carrier per service, per number. I also authorize VoIP Tel, LP or its designated agent to obtain billing information, customer service records and other network information required to provide me with VoIP Tel, LP service. I understand that my current service provider may bill me a one-time charge for requested service changes for each telephone number.

Company Legal Name:
Authorized Signature:
Email Address:
Contact Number:
Executed effective as of this date:

Telephone/DID Number(s) under: